Gnocchi with Fresh Basil & Italian Parsley

Aug 23, 2011

per·fect gnoc·chi (according to Brooke), n.
1. Light, delicate, billowy dumplings. Crisp on the outside. Creamy, buttery, rich on the inside.
2. A little bit of heaven.

All I want to say today is this: If you can make perfect ricotta, you can make perfect gnocchi.

It's just about that simple.

And then all you have to do is throw in a few handfuls of fresh basil and fragrant parsley and you've got yourself a little bit of gnocchi heaven.

Just sayin'.

Notes: This recipe is best when made with fresh ricotta (as we made here), but I don't see why store-bought wouldn't also work in a pinch. Just keep in mind that the cheese from the grocery store is not as moist as homemade, so I'd start with a little less flour so the gnocchi don't end up too dry or tough. Also, you can serve the gnocchi with whatever toppings or sauces you fancy. I love the simplicity of fresh herbs to really showcase the creamy, buttery flavor of the gnocchi while letting the herbs have a bit of a shining role, too. Any kind of pesto would dress the gnocchi up nicely, as well, or perhaps a simple garlic, tomato, and prosciutto sauce. The possibilities are endless, really, so experiment with whatever your heart desires. One final thing: If you would like to freeze the gnocchi for later use, do so just after cutting the dumpling pieces. Arrange the gnocchi in a single layer on a baking pan and place the pan in the freezer. Freeze until solid, about 3 hours. Place the frozen gnocchi in an appropriate container. To cook, boil as directed below, with no need to thaw the dumplings.

Adapted from a recen
t Instructional Dinner I attended at one of my very favorite restaurants

11 friendly note(s):

  1. I've never been a big fan of gnocchi, but this sounds absolutely divine!

  2. Did you get new dishes? Pretty!
    I want to try this dish, but I don't like parsley. Is there a difference between Italian parsley and the plain old parsley you get at the store?

  3. Laura - This gnocchi just might change your mind! Yes, it is quite divine. :)

    Julie - Italian parsley has more flavor and is less bitter than curly parsley. It's really nice in this dish with the basil. You might want to give a try! Or if you're still hesitant, straight basil would be still fabulous, I'm sure. Maybe crisp the gnocchi in a bit of butter instead of oil for a little extra flavor, too...? Experiment, you really can't go wrong here. :)

  4. I've never tried a good gnocchi - only horrible store bought versions. Ugh. But I'm willing to give them a try and I'm sure these are delicious.

  5. I'm needing this gnocchi again badly. Truly, it was fab!

  6. Just made these for dinner and crisping them made the Gnocchi perfection!

  7. Beautiful photo! I just made the gnocchi advertised in the Williams-Sonoma catalog. I don't know if it is twist on gnocchi or not, but it was delicious!

  8. I just learned (from Top Chef... blush) that when it's made with ricotta it's Gnuddi.... or something to that effect and with potato it Gnocchi... do you know if that's right? Not that it matters because whatever it's called I still want to make this... I was just curious.

  9. Kickpleat - The store versions are nothing compared to fresh, homemade gnocchi. I hope you'll give these a try!

    Mother - I need it again, too. Soon? Yes. Alright, it's a plan.

    Matt - I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the gnocchi! Crisping them really is the key, isn't it?

    Sarah - Thank you :)

    Bossy Chef - After a quick search on Google, it seems that you are right! So I guess the technical term for these would Gnudi. But yes, either way, I think you should make them, too :)

  10. I've made this twice, and I love it. I highly recommend this to everyone!! It's quite easy, and I must say, the homemade ricotta is much better than store bought. I tried both, and hands down, homemade beats. Thanks, Brookie. :)

    1. Thanks for the nice comment, Morgan! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Homemade ricotta is quite the bomb, isn't it? :)


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