Chicken & Shrimp Curry with Peanut Drizzle

Jul 3, 2011

Sunday afternoons are pretty relaxing around our house. You can usually find someone lying on the couch with the day's newspaper and another curled up close by with a nice thick book. The little ones will usually occupy themselves with their favorite toys in some remote corner of the house or by running around out back with the puppy. As for me, I'm usually taking advantage of the workless day to create something delicious in the kitchen. Something delicious - like this.

This is one of our favorite dishes for a Sunday afternoon dinner.

At first glance, it seems a bit intimidating by the long list of ingredients, but don't be fooled - it all comes together within an hour or so. And it is worth every minute of that hour, I promise. The peanut sauce takes this curry dish over the top. (As we've determined previously, peanut butter is excellent in just about any form.) With a few fresh vegetables, a bit of rich coconut milk, and some plump shrimp, you've got yourself a comforting meal for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Or any afternoon, for that matter.

Notes: Be sure to read through the entire recipe before beginning so you know what to expect. (i.e. There are a few garnish items that need toasting, which can be done in a few minutes in a pan set over medium heat.) Also, this method of cooking rice is my favorite. It is fool-proof and produces fluffy, perfect rice every time. And finally, this dish can easily be made vegetarian by simply omitting the chicken and shrimp. It'll still be fabulous, I'm sure.

Loosely adapted from here, where it is known as "Bang Bang Chicken & Shrimp"

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