Swiss Chard, Sweet Potato, & Feta Tart with Teff Crust

Apr 12, 2012

Hi there! Isn't it a lovely day? The tulips have bloomed into an array of pastel shades, the birds are singing outside my window this morning, and the sun is bright and beautiful. Sigh...

There's not much to share this morning that can compare with the loveliness outside. Mother Nature is an undefeated competitor in my book. Though I am feeling rather brave today... How about a delightful little tart? It's a fave. (As is basically everything I share here on this little bloggity.) But when you're craving something a little bit sweet and a little bit salty, a little bit crunchy and a little bit creamy, and a lot a bit delicious, here it is.

Savory tarts are one of my weaknesses. Especially since the discovery of a fantastic tart crust. I enjoy filling this crust with almost any combination of lovely things. Pop it in the oven for a bit and it becomes hearty, healthy comfort food at its finest.

I do hope the weather in your neighborhood is as gorgeous as it is here. Spring has sprung! And although is seems that Mother Nature has won yet again, I'd say this tart comes in pretty darn close. So go make a tart and enjoy the sunshine and blooming flowers :)

Notes: The original recipe calls for chard in the filling. If you don't have any on hand, I've also had great success with spinach in its place. I've also switched out the original tart crust for the one I mentioned above. It comes from Maria Speck and is simply wonderful. I did adjust Maria's recipe to include the teff flour of the original. Once again, if you don't have any teff on hand, regular white whole wheat flour will substitute just fine.

Adapted from Fine Cooking and Maria Speck's Ancient Grains for Modern Meals 

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