Garlic-Potato Soup

May 6, 2011

I realize it is now the month of May and soup season has pretty much left us, but I just have to share this recipe. And anyways, the weatherman says that a storm will roll through our area this weekend, so that is my other excuse for talking about soup on this lovely, sunny, and 73-degree spring day.

This potato soup is similar to the typical kinds of potato soup: chunky, thick, and satisfying. BUT it is different because it is the best potato soup in the world (I know! Isn't that great!) and it is so very flavorful, thanks to the gracious amount of tasty garlic in it. It even has garlic chips! (Read on, they're fab...) If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for garlic. We're pretty much BFF, you know.

Notes: I slightly upped the salt in my version because I felt the soup needed just a little more kick to pronounce the flavors more clearly. The original calls for 3/4 teaspoon, but taste as you go and adjust to your personal preferences. I also used water instead of chicken broth, and either will work great. Lastly, if leeks are not available, you can substitute and equal amount of yellow onion.

Adapted from Cook's Illustrated, March & April 2007

9 friendly note(s):

  1. Thank you! It really is :)

  2. Wow that looks amazing! My husband loves potato soup so I'm sure he would enjoy this. And those garlic chips on top look fantastic :D

    (Btw, this is Heidi from Food Doodles. I couldn't leave a comment any other way. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong)

  3. The garlic chips are an inspired touch. Like crispy shallots or fried sage leaves, they just add that extra oomph to make a dish something even more special.

  4. Wow, this looks so yummy. I keep making soups lately, too. Finally very humid weather hit this week, so maybe the soup days are finally over.

  5. Heidi- Thanks for stopping by! The garlic chips add a nice texture, for sure. I hope you'll try it! Please report back if you do. :)

    Denae- Thank you! Yes, the soup days are dwindling. Bring on the sunshine, I say!

  6. Just made the soup and loved it! Thanks for sharing. It reminded me of roasted garlic mashed potatoes. I adore garlic, so this was an awesome way to highlight it.

  7. Denae- I'm so glad you enjoyed the soup! I agree, the garlic really shines in this recipe.

  8. I want a bowl of this right now.


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